I don’t know everything…

I’ve always known that I don’t literally know everything. No one does. I do tend to say that “I’m always right.” But that’s really because I very rarely make an argument that I am not sure of. I wish more people would do this, but that’s not my point here.

My point is, that I don’t know everything. I often know more than I think I do, but in this case, regarding SEO, I know next to nothing. Since this is something I ought to know something about, I’ve taken some steps to learn more.

I listened to a friend. His advice summarized as “Get a blog on wordpress.com  Not Livejournal, not blogger, no where else, because they are dead. WordPress is where it’s at.” Well, I already had one, because I like to reserve my name around the web, so now I’m writing on it.

I joined a meetup group. Specifically, this one. I have no idea what I’ll learn there, but if my friend is right about what he knows, I can just bother him, smug as it will make him for me to be asking his advice.

I’ve done some independent research. Unfortunately, a quick search for “SEO” turns up a lot of marketing companies that want to do SEO for you, and people trying to sell you books/zines on how to do it, for quite a lot of money. So, I refined my search. Which was much more useful. In this case, the first three hits were quite useful. First up was seomoz.org‘s Free Beginners Guide to SEO. That sounds quite promising. They have a “Upgrade to Pro” that gives you… something nice, I’m sure… but I haven’t looked into it. But it’s broken down quite nicely into 10 easy to digest chapters. I’ll  be reading them this coming week. I’ll let you know how it goes. Second on the list was a PDF from a little known company called google. They might have something useful to say about SEO. It’s a nice little 32 page document on SEO and it’s uses(direct link). I’d imagine that this one will be required reading. And lastly, Marketing Pilgrim‘s 7 Minute SEO Guide. 7 minutes! I can spare that right now. Let me tell you what this is all about… [spends 4 minutes and 15 seconds reading the guide. Yes, I timed it.] This is surprisingly simple. Go read it if you’re interested, it will only take a few minutes. I think my time would have been faster if I wasn’t eating lunch and didn’t have Weezer‘s “By my side” playing in my head from my drive in to the office this morning… But that’s irrelevant. Unless you’re really competitive…

I even had my wife ask her friend, who apparently does SEO for her job, about it. Although I think that attempt to elicit assistance didn’t go as well, because the wife did not understand what I wanted, as much as she thought that I could provide web services for her company. Lesson learned. Speak non-technical to the wife with regards to favors being asked via “the telephone game“.

I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I feel like I’m not completely clueless when it comes to SEO now. I’ll do some more reading and maybe make my own “Here’s how you SEO like a rockstar” post sometime in the near future.
Until then,

Live long and prosper
Hasta la vista, baby
I’ll think of a good “personal signoff” later. I’ve got reading to do..

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