Day 06 – Most annoying character

I missed yesterday’s update. It’s hard to find time to write when it’s your day off, and the family needs attention. Sorry for that. Expect it to happen again though.  –BX

Most annoying character. Oh man. There’s so many. Tingle, from Legend of Zelda. Navi as well. Tidus from Final Fantasy, just about every protagonist in a FF game that had voice acting, to be honest… Samus from Other M, we love her, but when she got to talk… who is this whiny woman who only does what she’s told?

Video games have this tendency to put you in the hero’s role, and to allow you to “become” the hero, often times they don’t talk, so you can imagine your voice behind his or her actions. But when this is done, the supporting characters are usually really obnoxious.

Here’s the wall of shame, in case you don’t already know who these characters are…

Tingle - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Tingle from Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.
We hates him. WE HATES HIM!

Tidus from Final Fantasy X

Tidus the whiny bitch who ends up with the amazingly cute Yuna anyway. Girls like whiny guys in Japan, apparently.

Navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Navi from (HEY LISTEN!) The Legend (HEY LISTEN!) of Zelda: (HEY LISTEN!) Oca(HEY!)rina(LISTEN! of T(HEY LISTEN!im(HEY LISTEN!)e. Seriously though,she shouts this at you through the whole game. It gets old, FAST.

Hope Estheim from Final Fantasy XII

Hope Estheim, his mom dies, and he’s pretty whiny about it. Overall, very understandable. He’s also a kid. I’m being too hard on poor Hope, but he was very whiny before his mom died too, so he stays on the wall of shame.

Samus Aran

Samus Aran from Metroid: Other M. Typically a lone wolf badass who gathers (or loses and then gathers) special powers to do pretty much TOTALLY AWESOME stuff, in Other M, she has all her powers, but won’t use them until command HQ tells her that she’s been a good girl, and can turn on her heat shielding in the lava level, or the electro-dampeners against the lightning pirates. You get the idea. WTF Samus? Where’s your backbone?

Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII

Snow Villiers is kind of a bad ass. He looks cool, fights well, but FFS he whines a lot. I think it’s just how the Japanese see Americans. Blonde hair, blue eyes, totally awesome, but whine about everything.

But out of all of them, who is the whiniest, most annoying little crybaby in gaming? If this weren’t specifically about “Video Game Characters” I would say “the players”. More specifically, “Forum using video game players”. Because those guys whine about everything, no matter what. Sometimes they give good feedback, but my god, they really do complain about every damn thing there is about a game. “The game is too hard!” So turn down the difficulty, that’s why we put that option in. “But some achievements are only for super-hard or higher!” Yeah, so? If they were easy to do, we wouldn’t have included a special reward to do them. “That’s not fair! I don’t want to have to develop a skill to get a prize!” Welcome to life, buddy.  I swear there are people like this. Quite a few, actually. It makes me wonder what they do for work, and how they get by in life. </rant>

So which video game character annoys me as much as the rabid fans of gaming?

Slippy Toad from Starfox

Slippy Toad from Starfox

Starfox was a pretty amazing game for it’s time. Yes, it was on rails, but it was a 3D space shooter. You play as StarFox, off to save the galaxy from Emperor Andross and his evil army of robots/machines/space devils. In your corner, you have your two companions, Falco and Slippy. Falco is almost as useless as Slippy, but he’s got moxie. Slippy is just a whiner that gets in your way. He’s barely useful as a secondary target, since his bungling tends to prevent you from being able to maneuver properly in the first place. I always tried to save him, because I felt a sense of pride in finishing the level with both of my wingmen in tact. Eventually, I would just let him die because he wasn’t worth saving.

That’s about enough bitterness over this anthropomorphized amphibian out of me.

Until next time, space rangers!


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