In many ways, I find snuggling to be the most fulfilling aspect of intimacy. This article is great, it shows that there are people out there that enjoy and appreciate a good snuggle, and that it doesn’t have to be the pre-cursor (or post-cursor) to sexual activity. I know when I was single and lonely, the thought of having someone to snuggle at night was forefront in my mind, much stronger than the desire for sex. Apparently I was not alone in this desire.

Cheri Speak

I found my Prinze Charming! Well maybe not mine since we’ve never met and I’m probably his Mother’s age, but he did inadvertently make me remember something with his article No Strings Attached Snuggling. Being a single woman, I think snuggling is the thing I miss the most about being in a relationship.

snugglingWhen I was married I insisted on (and got) what I called the “60-second snuggle”. This was the most important part of every single day because it is the very thing that started every day. It may not have kept our divorce at bay, but it did teach us both that stopping to snuggle up for that single minute each morning — before anything else, had the power to change the course of our entire day. Sure we were laying there thinking about how bad we had to pee, but we also allowed our hearts to slow from the…

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  1. Thank you for the re-blog! Much appreciated.

    Yes, snuggling does not need to be the pre-curser for sex…it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Human touch is a need everyone has. It validates our existence.

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