Spring Semester 2013 Begins Today!

Hey everyone,

It’s been a crazy winter break, but I’m back to my old schedule again. Well, it’s really the new, old, schedule because none of the classes are the same, nor will I have the same time to spend goofing off between work and school. Hopefully I can keep things going, homework-wise, or I’m gonna be screwed.

I’ve got another full load this semester. Java Programming, Intermediate English Comp, Trig and Mythology. Should be fun. There’s enough in there that I am really excited about that I think this should be a really great semester.

Oh, in case you weren’t in the know about my big achievement last semester… I got a 4.0 for the semester! Woot! I hope to be able to repeat that performance this semester. I think I can, as long as I don’t slack off in Java and Trig. The rest should be easy. Man, those sound like famous last words… Truth be told, the English class will probably be the hardest one. I worked my ass off in ENGL 101 and barely got  the A. Hopefully this one isn’t as tough, or the teacher has ideals closer to my own. Time will tell.

I’m also getting back to the gym. t/th/sa. Gonna figure out some resistance training and some cardio. Make strong and get endurance! Yes! I’m also going to be doing Kempo if everything works out properly. More on all this later. I just wanted to drop by and remind people that I’m alive.