Preparation: Finals Week

It’s that time of the year again, Finals. Everyone is writing, preparing, studying for their tests and performances. I, personally, can’t focus on that right now. I look at my notes and formulae and just see things that look easy and not worth going over. God, I hope that means I’m ready for this. It’s either that, or I’m deluding myself, preventing the studying that would be beneficial to my completion of this semester’s excitement.

I write this to try to clear my head of stray thoughts, prime myself for taking the big test in a few short minutes, but I fear that it is not working. Even as I attempt to align my willpower and accomplish this one task, to purge the excess energy from my mind, I am distracted by the sights and sounds around me: The table full of people discussing how badly they’re going to fail American History, the nice-smelling girl who just sat down next to me to finish her research paper or the hum of the florescent bulbs overhead.

None of those are really preventing me from writing. The real problem is the Asian guy listening too loudly to dubstep over his DJ-style headphones. I wonder if anyone else is as annoyed by that as I am. Why does no one say anything to him? Why don’t I say anything to him? Perhaps it’s a breech of the social contract that keeps humans from killing one another just because we can. He’s showing his dominance over those of us here in the library, attempting to keep to ourselves and study for finals. Presumably he is as well, his methodology differing distinctly, forcing us to bask in his auditory power over the silence of the library. If he were an ancient human, in the time before civilization, he might be banging his spear against his shield and shouting violently at the lot of us, deemed weaker in his eyes by our preference for peace. His war chant sounds much like fingernails against a chalkboard set to a heavy beat, one which we cannot help but answer. And the only answer available is conflict! Where are the warriors of our tribe? Why have we not met this challenge? Perhaps they look to me. Should I be the one to silence this threat? Am I to gather my shield and spear to meet this warrior on the field of battle? I am! I will champion my people! This threat to our way of life will be removed by my hand!

Oh. A librarian has caught the sound of his music and has asked him to turn it down. The challenger backs down, faced with a greater foe than he, but today it is not I.

Now it’s time to meet the true challenge. It’s 5 minutes until class starts, the final exam awaits. Perhaps I have a need for my spear and shield after all…